Here at Werner Theatrical Lighting, we have an extensive range of lighting and special effects equipment for rental! Whether you are looking for gear for a tour or for just one event, we have the equipment you need to succeed! Our team of professional designers will manage your lighting and audio needs, offering superior design, customer service, and attention to detail for your event.


When it comes time for the keynote speaker to address a crowd of fifty, or the national artist to perform before fifty thousand, clear, intelligible audio reinforcement is imperative. With computer-controlled processing and system design tailored to each event you can rest assured that the sound system will perform to your specifications, on time, every time.


Video projection adds an enhanced element to an event. With the combination of IMAG and computer graphics, you have the ability to bring your guests closer to the action, and it allows the presenter or performers to “connect” with an audience like no other way.

With the addition of media servers, one can incorporate lighting effects into the projection to create a presentation that creates a unique visual experience every time. From something as simple as a couple computers and a small switcher to as complex as multi-camera shoots with image blending or matrix switching, we have the equipment that can tailor to your exact specifications.


Werner Theatrical Supply offers full range of lighting and design services for your event. Lighting plays an important role in your event, whether it be adding lighting in a poorly lit room, lighting at your concert, theater production, church sanctuary, or a corporate gathering. Our Production Team can assist you in creating the perfect lighting package to suit your every need.

Don't forget we offer more than just lighting! We can also set up staging, dance floor, pipe and drapes, table and chairs and special effects.

Power Distro

Werner Theatrical Supply has over 20 years of experience with temporary power distribution systems. Whether your event uses shore power, distributed power from an existing source, or even a generator, we will find the most efficient and cost-effective way to power your event.

Staging & Rigging

Werner Theatrical Supply can provide everything from a small single podium presentation stage to a full Concert Stage with Roof System with audio, video, lighting and anything in between.

Highly versatile, our stages can be used indoors or outdoors, from a concert series, music festival, street fairs or a corporate event, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever the size…we can build the perfect stage for your event!


Werner Theatrical Supply is a full-service event company that offers complete event production solutions for all your events. We offer a variety of mediums including pipe & drapes, carpeting, dance floors, tables & chairs, linens & fabrics, signage and more.

We are your one-stop resource for transforming any venue into a spectacular event.


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